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8’x8′ Complete Vegetable Garden Kit

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8’x8′ Complete Vegetable Garden Kit

Manufactured in the USA by Maine Kitchen Gardens

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US Patents: 7,424,787 and 7,490,435

This 8’x8′ Complete Vegetable Garden Kit provides approximately 45 square feet of planting space and is recommended for families of up to four people.


About the 8’x8′ Complete Vegetable Garden

Hardware Mesh and Trellis Netting

The fencing that sits atop the raised beds is backed with a heavy-duty black hardware mesh. The trellis is backed with sturdy reach-through trellis netting, so you can harvest all vegetables from the inside of the fenced garden, without having to walk around or behind the structure. The trellis netting is ideal for growing peas, green beans, tomatoes and cucumbers. The structure will keep out dogs and rabbits.

Maine Kitchen Gardens vs. Outdoor Living Today 8’x8′ Complete Gardens
  Maine Kitchen Gardens Outdoor Living Today
Trellis 68″ high, with 4″x4″ reach-through netting 47″ high, backed with hardware mesh, with hinges so trellis can be folded down when not in use
Height of Fencing 34″ 33.5″
Delivery Method On a pallet, delivered by freight truck In boxes, delivered by UPS
Assembly Pre-assembled panels are up to 8′ long, product is pre-drilled; assembly takes 2-4 hours Pre-assembled panels are up to 4′ long, product not pre-drilled; assembly takes 4-5 hours
Delivery Speed Delivered within two weeks for most of the year, but from late March through May, delivery can take up to 4 weeks. Contact us for an estimate. Delivered within two weeks throughout the year.
Place of Manufacture USA Canada
Delivered Price $1,450 $1,099
Optional Automatic Watering System

An automatic soaker hose irrigation system takes even the simplest of duties out of your hands. We use a digital battery operated controller, manufactured by DIG Corporation, that is very easy to use. You can attach a garden hose to the inlet fitting, or connect it to your underground piping. When the controller turns on, water seeps out through the 50′ soaker hose (hose stakes included). You’ll never need to worry about watering your garden-it takes care of itself. We also include a coil hose and hose holder along with a vegetable sprayer. You can manually spray your plants if you choose to, or use the hose to wash your hands. The coil hose is conveniently mounted in the walkway of the fenced garden.

8’x8′ Complete Vegetable Garden Features

  • Made of 1-1/4" thick cedar
  • 20" high growing beds - no stooping required.
  • 34" high fencing, backed with black hardware mesh - keeps out rabbits and dogs
  • 5'8" built-in trellis with 4"x4" reach-through netting
  • Hardware included
  • Assembly takes about 2-4 hours; lumber is pre-drilled and no digging is required

8’x8′ Complete Vegetable Garden Dimensions


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